Prospective Tenants

How do I know which units are available?
How do I book a showing?

Request a showing here.

How much advanced notice is needed to book a showing?

Usually 1-2 days. We are required to provide 24-hour written notice to all current tenants before a showing can be arranged for their unit. A showing may be arranged sooner if a unit is already vacant.

How many units can I view in one showing?

3 units can be visited during each showing appointment. Additional showings can be scheduled for the future if a prospective tenant would like to see more properties.

How and when can I pay my rent each month?

Rent payments are due on the first of every month. Our preferred form of rent collection is through pre-authorized debit (PAD). If you would like a PAD form, please download here and email your completed form to ap@bpegroup.ca We also accept payment by cheque. Please drop off cheques to our office at 221 Queen St. We do not accept e-transfer.

Do you offer short-term rentals?
Is parking included in my rent?

No, parking is an additional agreement for all our properties. Please let us know if you would like to add a parking spot.


New & Current Tenants

How do I sign my lease?

Once your application has been approved, you will be sent the lease through Docusign for review and signing.

When do I get my keys?

On your official move-in date.

What happens at my move-in inspection?

The move-in inspection is done to review the condition of your unit at the beginning of your lease so that any existing imperfections are noted. A move-in inspection is completed within the first few days of your move-in with the property manager.

How do I sign-up for my utilities account?

Please contact Utilities Kingston by phone 613-546-0000 to setup your utilities account at your new address. Please ensure you include the correct unit number. This must be done prior to your move-in date. We require confirmation that your utilities account has been setup prior to your move-in.

How does waste and recycling work?

The tenant is solely responsible for disposing of all waste properly and will be subject to pay any fines incurred as a result of not following the city of Kingston bylaws for garbage and recycling collection. Please refer to this link for detailed instructions for the City of Kingston Garbage collection: https://www.cityofkingston.ca/resident/garbage-recycling/household/garbage

What happens if I get locked out of my apartment?

If you are locked out during business hours (Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm) please call us and we will send a representative to let you in. If you are locked out after business hours, please call our emergency line. You will be subject to a service call fee of $120, which will need to be paid before a representative is sent to you. You can e-transfer this fee to ar@bpegroup.ca

How do I fill out a repair and maintenance request?

You can find our repair and maintenance request form here. Once you have submitted the form, we will contact you to arrange a date and time for service.

What do I do if I’m going away for an extended period of time?

The tenant is responsible for the unit throughout the term of their lease, whether living in the unit or not. If you are away for an extended period of time (longer than 1 week), ensure someone visits your unit a few times a week.

How do I cancel my utilities?

Utilities are the responsibility of the tenant until the last day of their lease, and they must be left on and in your name until that date regardless of when you actually move-out. You must contact Utilities Kingston prior to the last day of your lease agreement to book the cancellation of your utilities for that date.

Who is responsible for the smoke detectors in my unit?

The landlord must replace batteries and ensure all smoke detectors are in good working order. Please notify us right away if you notice anything wrong with your smoke detector. We inspect smoke detectors regularly as is required by Ontario law.

What do I do if I encounter an icy sidewalk or steps?

Sand/Salt is provided to all tenants for their convenience and can be found at each of our properties. Please spread sand/salt if you notice your walkway or steps are ice covered for your safety and the safety of others. If you are out of sand/salt, please contact us during business hours to replenish.

How do I request a rent receipt?
How do I sub-let my unit?

If you are interested in sub-leasing your unit, you must fill out a request form here. Please send your completed form to chris@bpegroup.ca Please note, we have a processing fee for sub-leasing of $40 that can be e-transferred to ar@bpegroup.ca 

When sub-leasing your unit, you are responsible for your tenant and their behavior during their time of lease. You will also remain responsible for paying the rent on your unit during the sub-lease.

How do I re-assign my lease?

If you are looking to assign your unit to a new tenant, please email us at chris@bpegroup.ca for the appropriate forms. When re-assigning your lease, you are removing yourself from the lease agreement and signing it over to someone else.

Please note, there is a processing fee of $300 to re-assign your lease. This payment can be made through e-transfer to ar@bpegroup.ca


Parking Tenants

What will happen if I forget to display my parking tag?

Parking tags are provided to all BPE parking tenants and must be displayed at all times. Our lots are monitored by a towing company who will tow any vehicle without an authorized parking tag displayed.

What happens if my car is broken into?

BPE is not responsible or liable for any lost or stolen property – we recommend that you do not leave valuables in your vehicle at any time. If you experience a break-in, contact Kingston Police immediately to report the incident.

What do I do if someone is parking in my spot?

If it is business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm) please contact us right away and we will have the vehicle removed. If it is after business hours (at night or on weekends) please park on the street. If the incident falls while Winter Parking Regulations are in effect, please call the emergency line, they will provide you with a temporary parking spot to use until a towing company can be contacted during regular business hours.

Who is responsible for snow removal?

We ensure all lots are plowed within a timely manner. In extreme weather conditions, plowing may be affected. Note that all lots will be plowed as soon as possible.